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Located on Winchester Avenue, on “old” Route 55 in what could be considered a mini-historic district, Inskeep Hall has functioned as a community center and town hall for over 100 years. The building is across the street from one of the county's first courthouses and beside the Higgins' House (1786), both buildings share a parking lot. Upon her death, Scotia Inskeep Chenoweth bequeathed the funds that would build Inskeep Hall in 1907. The space features first floor office space and an upstairs auditorium with a stage that was used for community events and talent shows. The Moorefield Fire Department used the downstairs for offices and the adjacent parking lot for a number of years. For over 50 years, Town Hall has been headquartered in the downstairs offices. The Police Department also functions from the space and uses the parking lot for its cars. Local residents know when there is a fire because the building's fire horn still functions and is used regularly. The building has also been used for Haunted House fundraisers by both the Lion's Club and Moorefield High School Class of 2004.