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Elmore Funeral Home is located on Winchester Avenue in what amounts to a mini-historic district. Just down the street from Duffy Methodist Church, the county's old courthouse, and the Higgins' House, the business is surrounded by other pre-Civil War and Victorian Era homes. Built in 1905, by Captain Ed Chipley, the home was originally a private residence in the Queen Anne style. For instance, the Bergdoll home directly beside Elmore Funeral Home is also in the Queen Anne style. In 1969, Kenny Chambers added a chapel and made renovations to home in order to transform it into a fully-operational funeral home. Chambers ran the business until John Elmore purchased the property in 1984. Since Elmore purchased the property, the home has been fully restored and furnished to its Victorian glory. Even the additions made by Chambers in 1969 have been completely modified to create continuity between the home and business. Presently, the property serves as both business and residence for the Elmores. The home is fully-functional as a funeral home but also houses a vast collection of antiques from the rare, an ebony bust of Abraham Lincoln, to the mundane.