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The Our Lady of Prompt Succor shrine at Maple Mount was built to fulfill a promise made by two Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph who were on a cruise in the Caribbean with relatives when a hurricane threatened the destruction of everything in its path. The sisters asked Our Lady of Prompt Succor to spare their ship and the lives of its passengers and crew. Their ship was among the few that safely reached shore.

Feast Day: January 15

Devotion to Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Our Lady of Quick Help) was planted in the United States by the Ursulines who came from France to New Orleans in 1727. It remains characteristically an Ursuline legacy. The recognition of Our Lady as a patron of the state of Louisiana is supported by the miracles that on two separate occasions saved the city of New Orleans from peril: the victory of the Americans over the British in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812, and escape from the catastrophic fire of 1815. In each of these dangers, the Ursulines were asked to pray for a safe deliverance. Both times, Our Lady of Prompt Succor came to the rescue. America was saved from British rule; the wind changed course and the fire went out to sea. New Orleans boasts of the national shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor.
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