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The American Armoured Foundation Inc. Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum is an armor museum in Danville Va and is home to many military vehicles dating from World War I to the Gulf War and Calvary artifacts from multiple wars dating back to 1509 along with multiple weapons rooms including functioning flame throwers which is a rare item to be found today. They have vehicle run days and weapons demonstration days that can be found on their website.

  • One of the many weapons rooms
  • M4 Sherman with plow
  • main building
  • The remote control tank battlefield
The Museum's diverse collection offers visitors a great list of many other interesting items relating to Military History. The collection presently has over 120 tanks and artillery pieces, 150 mid size weapons, over 1,500 Tank and cavalry uniforms, 2,200 pieces of headgear, pins, patches, and other military memorabilia all pertaining to the Tank and Cavalry. The collection dates from 1509 to present day with all nations represented. Their motto is "Journey with us through the pages of military history."
The tanks in the museum come from just about every era of armored warfare, ranging from World War I to Operation Desert Storm. Many of them are parked as though they are on display in a car collector’s garage, but still others have been placed in reconstructed battle scenes, complete with terrain and soldier mannequins. 
One of the artifacts that they take the most pride in is a uniform from the German general Erwin Rommel who was a famous tank general during WW2 for the Nazi forces and was known as the "Desert Fox" for his success in the North Africa campaign made by the Nazis 
The AAF Tank Museum, known by locals as the Danville Tank Museum is originally from New York, but moved to Danville when they had to opportunity to acquire the massive building that they are in now which was an old tool factory.

A large attraction that the museum has is the only indoor remote control tank battlefield in the world. It is set in a French town and outskirts with everything to scale including a running creek in the middle of the 40 foot by 80 foot battlefield.