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Dedicated on July 16, 1932, the Senate Fountain features a hexagonal granite base with high jets of water surrounded by six smaller water jets and underwater light fixtures. Both the lights and the jets operate through a computer program that repeats the display every twenty minutes. Water from the fountain is circulated by pumps to and from the 180 foot by 80 foot reflecting pool that serves as the central point of Senate Park.

  • The fountain is the central attraction of Senate Park which is located between the U.S. Capitol and Union Station.
The fountain consists of three main components: the reflecting pool, the lower basins with bubbler fountains above a 30,000-gallon surge tank, and the main hexagonal basin with six lion head spouts and the large and small water jets. A series of 114 underwater lights work in conjunction with the jets to provide a program that repeats three times per hour. 
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