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In May 1864, Capt. John Chapman (34th VA Calvary) headed for Logan and Cabell counties to round up deserters from his battalion. On May 29, the Confederate force came upon elements of the 3rd WV Calvary along Mud River on the Curry Farm. Fired upon, the 3rd WV Calvary charged and drove off Chapman's men. During the brief fight, one Union soldier died and two others were wounded.

  • Curry Farm Historical Marker
  • Curry Chapel Cemetery
  • Grave in Curry Chapel Cemetery
On May 29, 1864, Confederates commanded by Captain John L. Chapman of Company B, 34th Battalion Virginian Calvary, attacked a detachment of the 3rd West Virginia Calvary. WV Company G was commanded by 1st Lt. John W. Harshbarger. Harshbarger stood his ground at Big Buffalo Creek present-day Lincoln County just north of Hamlin, 12 miles from Milton. As documented in the battle of Hurricane Bridge, the Union had marched from the Hurricane Bridge and were proceeding up the mud river when they were fired upon. They were met by Confederate forces and heavy gun fire. 

The Confederates who were positioned on the opposite side of the river had a strategic advantage over the Union forces. The federal Commander orders a charge and the Confederates retreated without loss. The Federals had one killed, a man named Mathias Kayler from Raleigh County. Two other soldiers were wounded, one being Isaac Jackson, who was shot through the left arm and another member of the company. The loss although small, left an impression on the overall movement of the battalion. 

The Curry Farm was located 1/4 mile above Hamlin. Hamlin Chapel located on Curry Farm, is important for the role it played in the creation of Lincoln County in 1867. The Hamlin Chapel housed the first meeting of the Board of Supervisors on March 11,1867. Curry Chapel no longer stands but its former location can be found near the intersection of Route 1 and Route 3/11 above the mouth of Straight Fork of Big Buffalo Creek on Mud River. The Curry Chapel Cemetery however can still be found on site.
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