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In the Mountain State of West Virginia, many hidden gems exist among the hills. Logan County is no exception to the statement. This Southern West Virginia town is home to an old-style drive-in restaurant.

  • The sign outside of Parkway has remained out front for many years. At one point when the sign was still operable, the figure would wave to the visitors driving by on Old Logan Road.
  • This is a view of the interior of the restaurant. Originally, Parkway was strictly curb service only. In the later years of the business, a dining room would open up. It started out as a one story building, a second story was added.

The Logan area continues to carry on the tradition of the drive-in restaurant. According a former owner’s family, the restaurant was opened around 1948 by Emery Talbert. The aura of the era continues to carry into today. Nostalgia is a key factor that can influence someone’s decision to visit restaurants that can be a bit of a time capsule. In the idea of the drive-in restaurant, the space draws the patron into a throwback into another time period. When the restaurant originally opened in 1948, they were openly known for their frozen custard. Locally, there were not many places at the time to partake in frozen custard. The restaurant was strictly curb service and according to a former owner’s family, it was originally a one-story building. A second level would not be added until later.

The sign that is situated on the side of the road is a very noticeable landmark. In the sign, it is unique in its color and overall roadside presentation. Parkway’s iconic sign portrays just a few of the things they serve. The noticeable sign shows the popular style of the era in the colors. At one point the neon laced within the sign was a bright side, curbside.  According to a former owner, the sign was added a little later after the opening. Today, the sign remains but is inoperable.

In 2015, the establishment was listed on the “101 Unique Places to Dine” in West Virginia. With a very loyal customer base, Parkway Drive-In will remain in Logan for many years to come. The restaurant is open six days a week and is closed on Sundays. Multiple opportunities are present for patrons to visit the tradition of the drive-in restaurant in the coalfields of Southern West Virginia.  

Today, Parkway is famous for their slaw dogs and other cuisine. In recent years, the restaurant has been acquired by the same people that operate other local eateries, such as Morrison’s and ‘Janet’s Park N’ Eat.’ Even though Parkway was known for their dogs, today Morrison’s is more known for their hot dogs. Today, the restaurant serves spaghetti, milkshakes, cheeseburgers, and other items. Parkway's menu is quite expansive for such a small, local eatery.  The restaurants are all situated in Logan. Each restaurant is spaced at different areas throughout the Logan area, but all three are in close proximity to one another.

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