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The Field of Dreams baseball field was created for a 1989 movie but remains to be one of the most visited tourist location in Iowa. In the movie "Field of Dreams," this baseball field was created so the ghosts of banned Chicago White Sox baseball stars could return and play baseball. Nowadays, visitors can attend events held at the field or schedule a tour of the location.

  • Picture from the movie Field of Dreams
  • Picture from the movie Field of Dreams

The Field of Dreams is a baseball diamond that is placed in a corn field and made popular by the film “Field of Dreams” in 1989. During the events of the film, a farmer hears a voice instructing him to build a baseball diamond inside of his farmland. The farmer complies, and later, the spirits of famous deceased baseball players return. Previously an unremarkable patch of farmland, its usage as a set in a famous movie propelled the Field of Dreams into fame. It remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iowa. In 2013, a celebrity ball game was held to raise money for charity.

The site where the movie was made is still available for tourists to visit. Previously, sections of the field and on-site buildings were split in ownership. Nowadays most of the site is owned by the Lansing family, with one small exception. In 2012, the Lansings sold a portion of the farmland used into the movie to Go the Distance Baseball, which is now responsible for maintaining that section of the property. Go the Distance Baseball has since held several baseball games with an impressive turnout. Interested parties are also able to rent the field for usage from Go the Distance Baseball.

There are several features at the Field of Dreams that make it a desirable tourist location. Locations used when filming the movie are reconstructed and preserved as seen in the film. Visitors are able to see the sets up close. During the months of July and August on the first and third Sundays of each month a local semi-pro team dresses up in turn of century uniforms. They hide in the corn fields and re-enact some of the scenes from the movie. They will also pass ball with any interested visitors. Visitors can call ahead of time to schedule a guided tour of the location if they desire. Field of Dreams (Dubuque County, Iowa). Wikipedia. . Accessed March 22, 2019.,_Iowa).