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Linneys Mill is located in Alexander County North Carolina. It is one of the very few mills that still uses water power. Their corn meal is the main attraction and it makes great pancakes. It is a popular tourist attraction as well.

  • Old mill stones
  • The race
  • The front of the mill
  • The swinging bridge
  • Vintage photo
  • View of the back of the mill
  • View from the top of the dam
  • The water wheel

Linney's Mill is one of the few places in todays time that you can still purchase stone ground corn mill mix, made the old fashion way. Linney's mill was built in 1790 by a man named Richard Cook, and it is still standing in the same place today, on Rocky Creek in the corner of Alexander County North Carolina.1

It was originally called Mayberry Mill because when Cook passed away his wife remarried a man named Randolph Mayberry.2 The mill stayed in the Mayberry family for several years. Able Mayberry was the owner in 1836, and in 1856 ownership was handed down to Jowel Mayberry. Before W. T. Linney bought the mill in 1936 the mill had not been operated for a number of years. 

Linney's Mill is family owned and operated. In 1937 W. T. Linney rebuilt the mill and installed a dam across the creek. Out of the eleven water mills that used to be on Rocky Creek Linney’s Mill is the only one still operating. Due to advances in modern technology some of the mill is run electronically but the cleaner and crimper are still powered by a water wheel.3 The water wheel is made of sheet medal and is fed water from a wooden race.4

The mill is not just a place of business it is also a tourist attraction for those who want to experience a piece of history, or just get away and relax. There is a campground and hookups along the creek for those who wish to have a little time away from home. A water fountain which is supplied by a nearby spring is located beside the mill for workers who need to hydrate, or visitors who want to have the neat experience of drinking water from a natural spring. A swinging bridge goes across the creek so that visitors can go to the other side of the creek to take a hike along side the creek. There is one path that leads to the dam and many children like to throw sticks and watch them drift down the river and topple over the edge of the damn. Just do not stand on top of the dam or attempt to walk across it because there is a strict rule against this. The mill, dam, waterwheel, and river all make it the perfect place to take pictures. Many families go to the mill to take family pictures. Especially during the winter when the water has froze. 

Linneys Mill is a great place to go for a weekend get away, or to just spend the day being lazy and have picnic. It has a lot of historical value and when there it feels as if one has taken a trip back into history. The landscape makes for a great picture taking opportunity, the river is perfect to cool off in on a hot summer day, and they corn meal ground the old fashioned way makes the best pancakes. 

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