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Straz Tower is located on the extreme East end of campus, across from Milwaukee's Central Library. The building is a rather new addition to the university but has been partially used in different capacities for nearly fifty years. Now, it is a prominent dorm for students.

An elevated view of Straz Tower.

An elevated view of Straz Tower.

Looking up on Straz Tower.

Looking up on Straz Tower.

Straz tower operated independently as a YMCA until the University purchased the building in 1993. The YMCA originally constructed the facility in 1958 and began leasing space to the University in 1976.  Initially, students were housed on specific floors leased from the YMCA while other tenants lived on different floors. One of the YMCA's missions was to offer affordable and safe housing for anyone who needed a place to stay. As a result, the residents were often rather itinerant. Clashes were often noted between the YMCA tenants and Marquette students. The building also had recreation and exercise space and operated as the Milwaukee headquarters for the organization. 

Marquette bought the facility outright in 1993 and turned it into a student living space called East Hall. $12 million were spent for renovations in 1998 and were concluded in 2000, at which point it was fully opened to students and used at full capacity to accommodate increased student enrollment 

Originally, the rooms were single capacity living spaces. However, to accommodate more students, the renovations increased room capacities to fit two, three, and even four students in each room. Each room came equipped with a bathroom and each floor had a common recreation area. Furthermore, safety concerns stemming from asbestos and old infrastructure necessitated the remodeling. In 2002, it was renamed from East Hall to David A. Straz, Jr., Tower to honor the generous Marquette alumni David Straz. It is worth noting that the namesake Straz is the same individual that inspired the name of the business building. David Straz was a Marquette business alum from the class of 1965, who became a prominent Banking executive and shareholder. He generously gifted large amounts of money to the University and has helped with fundraising initiatives.

Currently, Straz Towers operates as a dormitory and includes a cafeteria, a gym, and barber, and a small chapel. It is interesting to note that Straz Tower was the first dorm on campus to have coed floors. This coed floor was home to Dorothy Day program participants  The Dorothy Day program places emphasis on social justice and action and has student participants live together on the same floor in a community setting. Members also participate in service learning and community immersion trips togethers. Additionally, the dorm currently houses Freshman Honors Students—one floor for males and one for females. All additional residents are sophomore students.


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