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St. Stephen's Episcopal Church is located on US Route 360 in the town of Heathsville, Northumberland County. Consecrated in 1881, the church is a delightful example of the Gothic style adapted to a rural parish edifice. The wood-frame building is a rectangular, one-story, gable-roof structure covered with board-and-batten siding. The original St. Stephen's Parish was formed in 1698 by combining Bowtracy and Fairfield parishes. Fairfield, earlier known as Chickacoan Parish, embraced the area to the north of the Wicomico River and dated from 1648. Although the corner stone gives Emmanuel Church as the original name, when the building was completed it was formally consecrated on April 30, 1881 by the Rt. Rev. Francis M. Whittle, Bishop of Virginia, assisted by the Rev. Messrs. Tucker, Derby, and E. Meade.

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