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Greenbo Lake was organized by an association of Greenup and Boyd County citizens. The group was named on January 23, 1953 when Bill Biggs of Greenup won a contest by suggesting "Greenbo Recreation Association." The name represented the citizens of both Greenup and Boyd Counties. After deciding on a location, the association raised $210,500 and purchased land from thirty-three landowners. The association realized that running the 3330-acre park and 300-acre lake was more than they could handle. The association then approached the Commonwealth of Kentucky with a deed. The deed was accepted, and the state soon started to make improvements. On October 12, 1969, ceremonies were held for overnight guests. Today, Greenbo's beautiful scenery and its several amenities draw thousands of visitors.

  • Greenbo Lake
  • Amenities at Greenbo include basketball courts, biking trails, a miniature golf course, kayaking, an outdoor theater, playgrounds, swimming pools and lessons, and a tennis court. Guests can also rent boats for the lake and camp at the campround.
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