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The Mission Peak Heritage Foundation and the Washington Township Historical Society created the Museum of Local History to preserve Southern Alameda County memories, documents, artifacts, and structures from the past and share them with the present and future generations.

  • A outside view of the Museum of Local History
  • Newark Exhibit
  • Kitchen Exhibit
  • Transportation Exhibit
  • Niles Film Exhibit
"The Mission San Jose Fire District built the museum building in 1954. The local people raised money, bought the property, and erected the building. Volunteer fire fighters manned the department until it was taken over by the City of Fremont. It served as Fire Station #4 until a new facility at Pine Street and Paseo Padre Parkway was built in 1994. At that time, this building was redesigned and leased to Mission Peak Heritage Foundation and The Washington Township Historical Society for use as a museum.

The lease provides for the preservation and protection of the city’s 18, 19, & 20th century heritage for the 21st century. To encourage the interest of the local citizens in Fremont’s history, and to provide a place for students and enthusiasts to visit and conduct research. The building will serve both as a museum and a library for historical books and documents.

After many months of cleaning, inventory, filing and cataloging, the members of the two historical societies began a series of meetings to formally organize a museum structure, with bylaws and a Board of Directors. Once these goals were accomplished the Board of Directors proceeded with plans to create the best little museum in Alameda County." 1