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The Salt Rock Community Church was originally founded as Salt Rock United Methodist Church shortly after the end of the The Civil War. The land was donated and the community helped to build the first church. The building today was built in the 1950s to accommodate the growing congregation. In 2010, the members of the Salt Rock United Methodist Church came together and decided to become the Salt Rock Community Church.

  • Salt Rock Community Church in 2012 before blacktop was added to accommodate increased attendance.
  • The sanctuary of the church once had red pews but was updated with chairs in 2018.
  • The overhead lights in the church have crosses on them with holes drilled next to them to hold the flame for the Methodist cross. The flame portion was removed when the church changed from Methodist to community, but the holes are still present.
Around 1858, during a revival at Enon Church in Salt Rock, WV, a discussion was started by Reverend Brill Hart, William Gill, Alexander McComas, and other members of the congregation that felt following Methodist traditions were more suited for them. The Methodist congregation was born at that meeting and discussions continued over the holiday season. The new congregation did not have their own building at the time so they shared the Enon Church building. 

Shortly after the American Civil War ended, Reverend William McComas, Mr. Gill, and others were walking to church on Sunday morning on State Rt. 10. As they were walking to church, which was fairly far away, they passed by a small valley closer to their home than their original church and one of them suggested that the valley would be a suitable place for a church. After discussing it among themselves, they decided to build a church in the valley the two men had passed, and so the Salt Rock United Methodist Church was born. Rev. William McComas, who owned the land, donated the property to the new church, and the surrounding community came together to farm logs for the building.

Around 1890, the Salt Rock United Methodist Church decided to tear down the log building and build a new frame church. This new church was used for around 60 years until the church had grown beyond the size of their small frame church building. In response to this, the church decided to build another building to replace the frame church in the 1950s.

The Salt Rock United Methodist Church came together in 2010 and made the decision to become a community church. It was at that time that the Salt Rock Community Church was born, replacing the original Methodist congregation and using the same church building.

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