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Artist Debora Palmer created this mosaic with BOPARC Arts in the Parks campers in 2015 on the Star City waterfront, depicting the highlights of the area's history.

Star City Riverfront History Mural.

Star City Riverfront History Mural.
Morgantown artist Debora Palmer created this mosaic mural with the help of BOPARC Arts in the Park campers in 2015. Supporters of the project included The River Town Group, Town of Star City Council, BOPARC Staff, Beautification Committee, the Star City residents, Ralph Cook Sr., Davis-Lynch Glass, Ralph Cook Jr, and Bill Hamilton of Gentile Glass.

The design depicts the highlights of Star City's Riverfront History, including:

Glass Factories: Gentile Glass was owned and operated by John and Gertrude Gentile from 1947-2006. Davis-Lynch Glass began its operations in 1943 and remains in business, specializing in lamp shades and globes. Other early glass companies in the area included The Star Glass Company and the Polish Factory.

River Barge: The river barges continue to travel the Monongahela River, transporting coal.

Star City's Blue Bridge: There was a bridge built in 1950 and demolished in 2002, that was replaced by Edith Barill Bridge.

Ferry Crossing: Before the Blue Bridge, there was a ferry used to cross the Monongahela River from Star City to Jimtown that was a major source of transportation for coal miners.

Palmer, Debora. Label of Star City Riverfront History Mosaic, 2015.