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This project came into existence in 1971 as a joint city-state project and was later named The Carter School. Facilities were provided by the Boston Retardation center, and the teachers were hired by the Boston Public School. The Carter school is in collaboration with different universities in Boston such as Boston University College of Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University Nursing Program and Boston College Nursing Program, etc. Each university sends different groups of students to observe and administer procedures under the supervision of the staff at the Carter School. The school's motive is to provide their students with all the provisions for studying and making them accessible to the academic ecosystem. The school helps its students to increase their ability to communicate and make themselves comfortable in their community.

The school believes that each student possesses the maximum potential for growth. Each child deserves to be fully integrated into the city and the real and the school, thinking in collaboration, makes sure that the students are feeling secure about their success.
The school has implemented several, highly specialized, programs to achieve the best
model for the students. They include on-site, qualified attendants that serve as points of contact with the families, specialized therapies, outdoor recreation that is adaptive to needs, community interactions and many more. The school is diversely represented as it comprises of students from many different cultures and backgrounds. An outdoor healing garden is a one of a kind environment that aids in providing a sensory, therapeutic atmosphere. The school also offers a hands-on learning environment by inviting professionals from different universities and learning institutions.
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