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Completed in 1967, this public library building was designed by Altadena architect Boyd Georgi in a Mid-Century Modern style with the goal of creating a sense of harmony with the landscape surrounding the building that was designed by Eriksson Peters and Thoms in 1967. Boyd Georgi was a USC-trained California architect with a Southern California practice in modernism that spanned from residential works to schools and libraries. Thanks to the coordination between building and landscape architects, the low-lying Altadena Public Library is surrounded by a lush green landscape of tall deodar cedars, tropical species, and native plants that are viewable from inside the building thanks to the use of windows and natural light.

  • Photo courtesy of the Altadena Library District.
The library was part of the Los Angeles County Library System from 1903 to 1927 and was housed at the Altadena Primary School. The first permanent library building on 2366 N. Lake (constructed in 1936) was replaced in 1967 by the current building on Mariposa Street. The main branch is International Style fused with Asian influence due to the combination of Architects Boyd Georgi and landscape architects Erickson, Peters & Thoms.