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The Museum of the African Diaspora is one of the only Museums that focuses on the specifics of the African American Diaspora. The museum is considered a non-profit organization and inspires people of all races that visit it. In December 2005 the museum opened its doors in the downtown area of San Francisco to allow everyone to see the culture of African Americans and the struggles that they faced. There are many exhibitions that hold value to technology, tradition, as well as storytelling of the histories following from African American culture. The museum blends history with contemporary pieces to show the development of the culture of African Americans.

  • Director Grace Stanislaus
  • Outside of the Entrance to the Museum

The Museum of the African Diaspora opened in December of 2005 but was developed long before than. In order to open a museum based  around the idea of the African Diaspora a lot of hard work and dedication was required. In 1999, Mayor Willie Brown helped create the foundation of the idea based on making the concept of the museum and its development come true. The next mission was to find a location and start the funding and building of such an educational place. The museum was created and located based on the economic and cultural revitalization of downtown San Francisco,an area that now holds many cultural aspects with educational value to many races and religions.

The Museum of the African Diaspora is a non-profit organization and is no cheap enterprise to maintain - donations make it possible for the museum to stay open. Some of the donors which have given over $50,000 to keep the museum open include: Dignity Health, Do A Little Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, TIAA-CREF, and Wells Fargo. Other companies that have contributed large amounts include AT&T California and Koret Foundation. Over 59 groups of corporations contribute to this museum allowing the museum to develop continuously and keep the education of the Museum of African Diaspora alive.

San Francisco is a very culturally diverse city that allows many opportunities of education for many races and cultures. The Museum of the African Diaspora may only sound like a one-race educational opportunity, but it allows other races to explore the many aspects and cultural diversity of the African American people. The museum has opened many opportunities up for people who want to understand and explore African culture and understand how it relates to America. The museum is truly an amazing site to see and has many areas of exploration such as the Museum store and Heritage center which allows groups, classes, and everyday tourists the opportunity to explore.

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