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In memory of the brave and hardworking soldier Jeremy Brown, there was a statue made in his honor. The statue is located at the Memorial Park in Mabscott, West Virginia. The statue took a lot of hard work to put together, but was able to happen thanks to Jeremy's family and community.

  • This is a picture of Jeremy Brown in his uniform .
  • This is a picture of the finished statue close up.
  • This is a picture of the completed statue .
  • This is the statue before it was dipped in bronze.
  • This is the mold the statue was created with .
  • This is the first picture taken of the statue . None of the details have yet been added . The statue is made with clay.
The Memorial Park was first created in Mabscott, West Virginia on Whitestick Street. The park was made to honor every soldier who lived in the Mabscott community and served in the Armed Forces. The park had been under construction for three years and was made possible by a lot of hard work and many donations. According to the Register Herold, "The town of Mabscott donated the property and except for purchasing the memorial stones, citizens and businesses of Mabscott and surrounding areas have donated nearly all of the labor and materials." The park displays every name of each soldier who served in the area. 

Jeremy's statue is placed outside, across from the plaques with the names of the soldiers. The statue was made by SOS Funds. They are an organization which gets donations then creates statutes of fallen soldiers. Chis Landry was the man from the organization who was first contacted. Stephen Tirone created the statue. Both came to West Virginia to unveil the statue. Jeremy's statue was the first ever by them the be unveiled in West Virginia. 

Each statue that is made by SOS costs roughly $10,000. For Jeremy's statue to be made, his twin brother Greg Brown, was used as a model. He, as well as a picture of Jeremy, was used to make sure the statue resembled Jeremy as much as possible. The statue was first made of clay and took several hours of work a day for several weeks. Afterwards, the statue was dipped in bronze and placed in the Veterans Memorial Park. 

Jeremy Brown was well loved by his family, who made the statue possible. He was born November 10th in 1978 and died serving in Afghanistan on July 3rd, in 2005. On the statue is the quote "Greater love hath no man..." John 15:13.   
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