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The Allegretti Girls club was a musical group taught by Gladys Sims. The group was very involved with the Jacksonville community in many ways. They helped other Jacksonville groups and sang at public functions. Gladys Sims was in charge of all of this and she was very dedicated to her work.

Gladys Sims, the woman who was in charge of the whole group spent most of her time with the girls. Gladys lived in Jacksonville and was involved with the community. Gladys is the woman who started the Allegretti Girls club for any who were interested, and there were quite a few. Gladys was so dedicated to this group that she gave almost all of her time to it. She worked very hard with the girls to ensure success. 

The Allegretti Girls club was taught in the house of Gladys sims. Classes were held only on the first and third Tuesday of the month from September through June. The girls were taught about music and held other gatherings as well. So it wasn't just about work they had fun too.

When classes were held the group was taught in a classroom style. They used paper and pencil and even had a chalkboard to help with their lessons. This is where the girls learned about music. They were taught how to read and play music along with music appreciation.

The girls in the Allegretti girls club wanted to do more than just what their club was about. They wanted to be more involved with and help the community. For fun, they held May festivals, Halloween parties, and weenie roasts that the community was welcome to join. The girls also help other clubs with anything they could. That could have been helping to clean or helping run a social gathering. They also sang and played at many funerals.

"Historical Newspapers from 1700s-2000s." Accessed October 04, 2018. gives you access to newspapers starting from the 1700s to the 2000s. This will help me with my Clio entry because the Allegretti Girl club and Gladys Sims are in some articles. I can read about some of the activities that they took part of and add it to my entry.

Oggs, Jennie E. Negro In Illinois. 1941.

Jennie Ogg's Negro In Illinois talks about different African-American groups and people who have lived in Illinois. This will be helpful to me because the Allegretti Girls Club is mentioned in the book. It tells about what their group was and some of the things they did.