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This three-story painted brick building has been used for various mercantile businesses as well as a restaurant, hotel, gift shop and drug store. An attractive wrought-iron second-floor balcony has been removed. The building now houses a number of offices.

Hotel Neely.

Hotel Neely.
Dr. Thomas Creigh (see Justice Homer A. Holt House) sold the lot on which building rests with a log house in 1804 to Albert G. Williams who erected a three-story house and store. it may have been built by master mason, John Weir. 

Williams sold the building in 1874 to Thomas A. Henning (1786-1875), a well-known local chair and spinning wheel maker, who occupied the second floor as his home while his merchant son, George W. Henning, utilized the ground floor. 

In the 1880s it was a drug store and residence. 
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