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Designed by architects Harrie T. Lindeberg and Lewis C. Albro in the Italian Renaissance style, the Nester House is a large mansion situated on the western bank of Seneca Lake. Built in 1911, it is believed that the Villa Lancelloti, which is located in Italy, was the inspiration for Nester House. As information about the house is limited, it is not clear who owned it. Today, the old mansion is now the Geneva On the Lake resort, which opened in 1981. The Nester House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

  • The Nester House as it appeared in its early years. Note the elaborate landscaping.
  • The house has been remodeled over its lifetime.
  • The landscaping became less elaborate over time.
  • View inside the chapel the Capuchins built.
  • The resort boasts beautiful modern rooms such as this one.
Although information about the first owner is unavailable, what is known is that the Franciscan Capuchins (an order of Catholic friars) bought the estate in 1949 and remained here until 1974. They built south and north additions with a chapel and classrooms, respectively. They also operated the  Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary. For five years after they left, the estate was vacant and not maintained. Fortunately, developers bought it in 1979 and proceeded to renovate it. The resort opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1981. The current owners purchased the resort in 1995.
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Photos: Geneva On the Lake