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The Candoro Marble Works dates back to 1914 and became one of the largest producers of marble in the United States. This building was designed by architect Charles Barber in the Beaux Arts style and served as the company's showroom after its completion in 1923. Many of the marble details were hand-carved by Italian artist Albert Milani. The ironwork around the main entrance was done by Samuel Yellin, another notable artist. Today, the building serves as the home of the Candoro Arts and Heritage Center, where guests can learn about the culture and history of South Knoxville.

Outside the Candoro Arts & Heritage Center. Photo by Brian Stansberry.

Outside the Candoro Arts & Heritage Center. Photo by Brian Stansberry.
Thanks in part to this company, East Tennesee was one of the largest producers of finished marble products prior to the closure of the Candoro Marble Works in 1982. Candoro was one of a dozen companies in the area that either operated a quarry or a finishing plant thanks to the ready supply of a special form of limestone known as East Tennessee marble. Today, the former marble showroom can be rented for weddings and other special events.
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