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Located in Choctaw County, Oklahoma, Fort Towson Historical Site is an area with Civil War and Native American History. This specific site includes a visitors center that contains displays of meaningful artifacts and information about the importance and backstory of this area. Along with the visitors center, the actual ruins of the fort still remain and there is even remains of a cemetery once used. If interested in group tours, there is also availability of cannon demonstrations.

  • Entrance to Fort Towson
  • One of the cannons displayed on the premises of the Fort Towson Site
Fort Towson was originally created in 1824 as a territory for the Choctaw Indians when conflict between Native Americans and settlers were all too common.  This Particular location also bordered present day Texas, which then belonged to Mexico.  Fort Towson served as a headquarters for United States troops during the Mexican War in 1846, and was also used by Confederate armies during the Civil War.
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