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Originally built in 1891, the former Central Police Station is historically significant for its Romanesque architecture and the role it played in shaping local law enforcement from the turn-of-the-century to 1939, at which point a new police station was built. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, it was for a time the location of the National Military Heritage Museum, which closed in 2016. It is not clear whether the museum has moved to a new building.

  • The Central Police Station was built in 1891 in the Romanesque style. All law enforcement activities and functions were consolidated in the building.
The city's growth prompted the construction of the station. Before it was built, law enforcement activities were spread out among several locations and there was not enough room to add new police officers. The new station alleviated these issues and enabled the city to expand and centralize law enforcement.
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons,_Missouri)#/media/File:St._Joseph_Police_Dept_%26_National_Military_Museum_701_S._7th.,_St._Joseph,_MO.JPG