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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Tolland County Court House is one of the rare civic buildings still standing in Connecticut. It was built in 1822, replacing the first one erected in 1785, and is a fine example of Federal architecture. The second floor is where the courtroom is located and it has been restored. There are also exhibits exploring the history of the building and its impact on the town. The first floor features a library operated by the French Canadian Genealogical Society.

  • The Old Tolland County Court House was built in 1822.
The courthouse operated as such until 1890. It then was used as a library from 1899 to 1984 when the library relocated to its current location. The Tolland Historical Society bought it in 2001 and proceeded to restore and convert it into a museum.
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons,_Tolland,_Connecticut.jpg