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The Masonic Temple in Fairbanks, Alaska was constructed in 1906. It is located near the Chena River. It was expanded upon in 1908 and saw additional alterations in 1913 and 1916. In 1980, it became listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Though it was bought and used by the Free Masons, the Masons haven't met in the Temple for several years. Due to the expenses of upkeep and maintenance, the Masons are debating on what to do with the building. It is the farthest north Masonic building in the United States.

  • The Fairbanks Masonic Temple
  • The Masons of Fairbanks gathered outside the Temple.
The Masonic Temple was built by the Tanana Commercial Company in 1906. However, the company would only briefly own the building before being purchased by the Free Masons in 1908, the same year the group was chartered. It became a popular meeting place for the area's Mason fraternity. The Masonic Temple would receive remodeling work up until 1916 in which the building was raised, given a false front, and had an extension put on in the rear for a main hall and lodge rooms. President Warren G. Harding even gave a speech at the Masonic Temple in 1923.

Around the time of its construction, a fire swept through and burned much of Fairbanks. However, the Masonic Temple survived unscathed with fire stopping a block away from the building. The building was constructed in an eclectic Renaissance Revival style that was popular in the 1880s and 1890s. However, the Masonic Temple is in a state of limbo as the Masons discuss whether or not to sell the Temple or build a new one altogether. This is because the building has become very costly to keep up-to-code and maintain. As of 2014, the fate of the Masonic Temple is still unknown.

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