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James Brown Plaza was created for " The Godfather of Soul" James Brown. The Plaza has a statue of Brown that depicts him singing in the mid stage of his career. A plaque can also be found near the statue that highlights his accomplishments in music as well as Brown’s history with the city of Augusta. The plaza was dedicated to Brown on May 6th, 2005 and the statue was sculpted by sculptor John Savage.

  • Statue of Brown in James Brown Plaza taken by Mike Stroud in 2013.
  • By Mike Stroud in 2013.

James Brown moved to Augusta at the age of 5 and became an important figure in Augusta’s history. Brown and his band would rehearse at Imperial Theater in Augusta. Brown also did charity work in Augusta like donating toys to children in need on Christmas. The donations are still going on even today despite the passing of Brown in 2006. In addition, Brown recorded a live album titled “Sex Machine” at the Bell Auditorium.

 Brown is a 1983 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee, 1986 Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and 2003 Kennedy Center Honoree. He had and still has millions of fans; he performed in many places and had hit songs such as “I Feel Good” and “Living in America”. Brown’s success and popularity gave him the title “The Godfather of Soul” and his music continues to be played even today. Brown’s career spanned 60 years and has made him into a music legend.

 James Brown meant a lot to the city of Augusta. Augusta has both James Brown Plaza and James Brown Arena to honor and remember him. There’s also relics of his such as apparel and family photos on display at the Augusta Museum of History in the James Brown exhibit. Despite the fame and fortune Brown never forgot Augusta and Augusta definitely has not forgotten about Brown. James Brown Plaza was made possible by a combination of friends, fans Augusta’s mayor Bob Young.