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Founded in 1926 Western Oklahoma State College was known as Altus Junior College. AJC is known for being the oldest original municipal two-year college still in existence in Oklahoma. However, small community colleges like Western Oklahoma State College, provide students an affordable stepping stone into higher education. With being the most affordable school in Southwest Oklahoma, Western continues to provide students windows of opportunity to find out who they want to become, without breaking the bank.

  • The front of campus where students can come in and start their new experience.
  • Western Oklahoma State College, or Western for short
  • With the help of this announcement board, this gives citizens of Altus relative news updates with the college, and friendly reminders of not having school
  • Just a building to many, but for some its much more. Here is where the magic happens, students who enter thr nursing program and complete their basics at the college will spend most of their time inside learning the rest of their material.
  • Western's South parking lot, plenty of spaces if a student needs to sit in their car for a little nap in between classes.
  • The front oval of the college, where future students can come to enroll or ask about Western's affordable tuition and fees.

Living in Southwest Oklahoma, there are numerous things to be grateful for, low gas prices, breathtaking sunsets, and the glorious restaurant chain, Whataburger. In the city of Altus, Oklahoma, anyone can easily locate the restaurant on the corner of North Main Street and West Tamarack Road. At that very intersection is another one of Southwest Oklahoma’s wonders. However, this establishment provides something more satisfying than an amazing burger. What 2801 N Main Street brings to the table is opportunity, a life changing sequence of events that will alter anyone’s lives for the better. In today's world, many students are afraid to go off to college. Too expensive, not knowing what their plan is for a career, and many other fears that hold bright students back from succeeding in their higher education. This is home to Western Oklahoma State College, the top ten most affordable institutions for higher education in the Southwest region.

 Founded in 1926 Western Oklahoma State College was known as Altus Junior College. AJC is known for being the oldest original municipal two-year college still in existence in Oklahoma. Nearly 50 years later, on August 16, 1974 under a state legislation act, Altus Junior College would be given its current name Western Oklahoma State College. With over 90 years of serving Southwestern Oklahoma, Western Oklahoma State College continues to provide opportunities for students to kickstart their future careers. 

W.O.S.C. or Western for short, provides students with multiple ways to increase their higher education, starting off with their prices. Western offers some of the lowest tuition and fees in all of Oklahoma. Most residents in Altus won’t have to worry about high gas bills from trips to class since the facility is in their home town. If future students want to attend but they don’t live in Altus, many decide to stay in affordable housing in parts of the city. Many students come to Western, not knowing which degree they want to pursuit just yet. With multiple opportunities to choose from, Western provides many career paths and associate degrees to kick start students future career paths.

Possibly the most well-known field that Western has to offer is its nursing program. Since 1981 this program has had an outstanding success rate and has prepared numerous qualified nurses.  Currently the program is offered at three sites, Altus, Lawton, and Elk City. The program is filled with challenges but the pay off is well rewarding. To have the ability and satisfaction of being able to serve and provide care in a variety of settings is worth the amount of work these students will go through. Now because this program is highly sought after it is very competitive. However, if students have the passion of wanting to help others in need, they will be well rewarded for their hard work and dedication to this program. When going through clinical trials, the Altus facility is partnered up with the local Jackson County Memorial Hospital. Simulating real situations where the future nurses will use their training and learn what it is like to truly like to care for patients and go through medical charts. If students have trouble with their prerequisites, there are student support services that are free for the them to access. Western provides many outlets for students to take interest in, nursing is just one of the most popular.

Whatever the interest is, Western has continued to give students a chance at higher education at lower costs than other facilities. It has given many new starts at life and will continue to do so as long as it stands.

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