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Mount Mitchill in Atlantic Highlands, Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States, is home to the Monmouth County 9/11 Memorial which is a way for citizens to analyze the true terror that was brought to the world in 2001. As the highest headland (a piece of land that projects from a coastline to a sea) of the east coast of the United States, Mount Mitchell is an awe-inspiring piece of land that has a panoramic view of Raritan Bay, New York City, and Sandy Hook. This land was after Samuel L. Mitchell who determined the height of the headland and serves as just a small portion of the memorial. In addition to the breathtaking views, at 266 feet sits a 9/11 memorial established in 2002 when the Monmouth County 9/11 Committee formed and began making plans for a tribute to all people involved in the events of September 11th. Although planning started in 2002, construction and opening didn’t finish until July of 2005. After being finished and open to the public, many from all around the county have travelled to the scenic overlook to examine and appreciate the memorial for over 140 victims of Monmouth County that perished in the attacks. When first approaching, take notice of the seven total birch trees as well as the large grass field. These were intended to represent the four airplanes that were hijacked, the three buildings attacked and the field in Shanksville, PA where the fourth plane landed. The timeline walkway represents a three hour span of the incidents from September 11, 2001. Along the walkway, viewers stumbleupon different times stamped into the pavement. These stamps symbolize all the important times of the day ranging from flight departures to towers collapses and all the other important sequences which occured that morning. Once approaching the center of the memorial, a great bald eagle welcomes visitors as a symbol of freedom and courage through the damages that September of 2001 left the United States, more specifically, Monmouth County. Around the base of the sculpture reads the names of all 147 Monmouth County victims and their age, and in the feet of the eagle is actually a piece of steel from one of the towers. This inclusion into the modern world has brought comfort to thousands of people and serves as the perfect monument which was erected to bring peace and thought to people’s lives. Towards the end of the path is an opening to the exact location of where the Twin Towers once stood. Now, visitors can observe the bright New York skyline and the beautiful new Freedom Tower.