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The Four Freedoms Monument has been standing prominently on Evansville's riverfront since it was built in 1976. It commemorates the country's four freedoms: freedom of speech, religion, want, and fear. It consists of four 24-foot-tall limestone columns surrounded by 50 pedestals that represent each state and 13 concentric steps representing the original 13 colonies. The Ionic columns represent the four freedoms. Designed by Evansville architect Rupert Condict, the monument was erected to celebrate the nation's bicentennial. It also has ties to Evansville as the columns were once part of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad depot, which was torn down in 1961.

The Four Freedoms Monument was erected in 1976.

The Four Freedoms Monument was erected in 1976.
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons,_Evansville,_Indiana.JPG