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The 1911 Building at NC State University is the home the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, where sociologists like Sarah Bowen, Martha Crowley and Toby Parcel serve as faculty. Previously, the building served as home to the Office of Global Engagement, the "umbrella organization" for initiatives that connected NC State's students, faculty and staff with programs and universities around the world. The building itself has a storied history. According to NCSU's website, it was named after the Class of 1911, because of their dramatic efforts to stop hazing, or what was known in more genteel times as "rough discipline". The freshmen led a massive schoolyard brawl in response to ongoing hazing, and as a result, the hazing stopped for a number of years. Today, the building is perhaps more famous among students for being the only building at NC State that carries Pepsi products, although this may be changing.

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