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The house that is located 530 Pembroke Ave. Norfolk Virginia was built in 1895. The house has 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The house has 6,182 square feet. The house was once the residence of Robert Baylor Tunstall.

Robert Baylor Tunstall was born February 9th 1880. He was born in New York City to Richard Baylor Tunstall and Isabel Mercelin Heiser. He was an Episcopalian and was married to Virginia Hunter Lyne on June 28th 1916 in Henderson Kentucky. He was apart of the Delta Psi college fraternity. He went to Norfolk Academy and Bellevue High School and got a B.A., M.A, and a B.L at the University of Virginia.

Before he entered to service he was a lawyer. He entered the service on September 10th 1918 at Camp Taylor Kentucky as a Private in the Field Artillery Replacement Troops (Field Artillery Central Officers Training School) of the National Army. His identification number was 4741724. He was originally assigned to the F.A.C.O.T.S (Field Artillery Central Officers Training School) at Camp Zachery Taylor Kentucky. He was trained at Camp Zachery Taylor Kentucky from September 10th 1918 to December 18th 1918.

He was promoted to Commissioned Captain, Field Artillery Reserve Corps on December 18th 1918.  He was discharged from the service at Camp Zachery Taylor Kentucky on December 17th 1918 as a private before he became a Commissioned Captain. After the war he returned to being a lawyer. About his attitude toward military service he said it was “Favorable, Was not called-enlisted”. For both how hiss camp experience was and his experience after the war he said it was “Beneficial”. . Accessed May 06, 2019.
.Sargent Memorial Collection Slover Libery 235 East Plume Street  Norfolk, VA 23510