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There is no longer a house at this location. This location is now the Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA. It is located at 324 West Bute Street Norfolk Virginia. It is across the street from Omar’s Carriage House. This location use to be the residence of Albert Sidney Johnson Tubb.

Albert Sidney Johnson Tubb was born on January 1st 1889. He was born in Portsmouth Virginia to M.W.A. Tubb and Barnes. He was a Catholic and was married to Marion Mallory Sinclair on October 22, 1912 in Hampton Virginia. They had 4 children Sarah Louise Tabb, Anne Stewart Bruce Tabb, Mary Custus Lee Tabb, and Albert Sidney Johnson Jr. His previous military service was 9 years in the National Guard of Virginia as a Sergeant in M.D. and a Corporal 4th Va. Company A.

He got his education at Norfolk Academy. Before he entered the service he was a nurse. He was inducted into the service on March 28th 1917 in Norfolk Virginia as a private in the Co. E. 4th Va. Regular Infantry section of the National Guard of Virginia. He was originally assigned to E. Company, 4th Regiment of the Virginia 29th.

He said that he was “Stationed from the beginning of the war at Newport News, VA then transferred to Sewell’s Point until discharged”. He never went over to Europe. He never saw action as well. After the war he worked at Norfolk Tent & Awning Co. He then left that job and went to work for Norfolk Steam laundry.

About his attitude towards military service he said, ”I believe it is beneficial to every young man & I believe we should have compulsory training four mouths of the year”. About the effects of camp experience on him he said, “It benefited my health I went in weighing 130 lbs. came out weighing 165 also gave me broader views”. He said that there was no effect on his religious beliefs. He said about the effects on himself compared to before the warm “I look upon it as being greater opportunities for every young man since the war closed in agriculture & mechanical lines”.

.Sargent Memorial Collection Slover Libery 235 East Plume Street  Norfolk, VA 23510