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This is a monument and two additional markers dedicated to the 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry (the Kansas Greyhounds) of the American Civil War. These memorials are located inside the Chickamauga National Military Park in Oglethorpe, Georgia. They celebrate the memory of a exceptionally brave, dedicated and disciplined regiment of civil war history.

The 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry was birthed in August of 1861. This regiment was fighting for the Union army and created for the purpose of protecting Kansas and its border from possible invasion. Major Henry W. Wessels was chosen to lead the regiment, a veteran soldier, leader, and graduate of the West Point Military Academy.1 Over the course of the war, 244 8th Kansas Infantry men lost their lives. 3 officers and 94 soldiers killed from wounds suffered in batter, while 3 officers and 144 soldiers died from disease.2

The 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry was known for its intense discipline, courage, and patriotism. Of which, remained unbroken from very early in the war, until the last shots of the war were fired, not only impressive because of their many trials and tribulations, but also because they were a relatively small regiment, never far above the minimum requirement. The 8th Kansas Infantry traveled a staggering ten thousand seven hundred and fifty miles over the course of the war and fought in fifteen battles and eighteen skirmishes. They suffered defeats, deaths from disease, and brutal winters, but stayed dedicated.1  
The monuments were created to honor the memories of a particularly extraordinary regiment of the civil war. They, like many others, suffered great losses both morally and physically during the war, as well as traveled more miles than any other Kansas outfit.3 Despite this the Kansas 8th Infantry maintained its status as an exemplary military outfit  even through the end of the war. The 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Memorial is a beautiful monument in a gorgeous national park dedicated to an incredible group of soldiers. 
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