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the Avenue L Missionary Baptist Church is one of the oldest African American churches in Texas, and is the oldest Baptist churches in Texas that grew from slave members og the First Baptist Church in 1840. its original organized under the name of "Colored Baptist Church", they became their own church by the early 1850s.

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  The Avenue L Missionary Baptist Church started out from slave members of the First Baptist Church Of Galveston with Rev James Huckins at the helm in 1840, under the name of "Colored Baptist Church".  later moving to the current spot, at Avenue L, in 1855 under the name of "Africa Baptist Church" with Reverend Israel S. Campbell as the Pastor.
   The church was later destroyed by the 1900 storm that hit Galveston and was rebuilt by 
African-American firm the Tanner Brothers Contractors and Architects, in 1916.  Visible on the west side behind the brick church id the wooden church used in 1904.
   After the Civil War the church and the property was formally deeded to the members while still under the Reverend Israel S. Campbell as the pastor. The Reverend Clifford Thompson is the present day Pastor file:///C:/Users/luke/Downloads/placesandpioneers.pdf