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The Thomas Sappington House is one of the oldest brick structures in St. Louis County. Built in 1808 by enslaved people, it is named after its namesake, Thomas Sappington (1783-1843), whose family was one of the first to settle in the county. The house is a well-preserved and rare example of Federal-style architecture in the state. Given its association with Sappington and architecture, the house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. The house is part of a complex that features the research Library of Americana and Decorative Arts, and The Barn restaurant. The site is owned and maintained by the City of Crestwood, and the Sappington House Foundation, conservators for 55 years, operate the facility, with the exception of the restaurant.

The Thomas Sappington House

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The Thomas Sappington House

The Thomas Sappington House

Sappington House Parlor

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Stationary set similar to what Thomas Sappington may have used

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Thomas Sappington's 200 acres were gifted to him by his parents, John and Jemima (Fowler) Sappington, as a wedding gift. Thomas Sappington's first wife was Mary Ann Kinkead. Thomas had the house built in 1808. The labor of enslaved persons was used to complete the house.

The construction of the house is very unique. The design of the house is Federal style. The bricks used for the house are not kiln-baked. Instead, they were set to dry out in the sun. The house frame is held together with wooden pegs, no nails were used. Wooden shingles were used for the roof. The wooden fireplace mantles and cabinetry are something to be seen.

Inside the house are many unique artifacts. Some of the artifacts are original to the Sappington Family. One item is the prayer book of Thomas Sappington's adult daughter, Lucinda Sappington. Inside the prayer book, she lists the birth and death dates of the enslaved people who served her household. Some other unique items include a courting candle, apothecary's chest, beautiful embroidery pieces, and so much more. There is even a cherry sugar chest.

There is much to be seen on the property as well. Including, the gardens surrounding the house which are designed to match the historical accuracy of the original gardens.

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