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The McCulloch House is a beautiful two-story Greek Revival historic house museum operated by the Historic Waco Foundation. It was originally built in 1866 as a two-room cabin by Dr. Josiah H. Caldwell and later expanded to its current size by local merchant and mayor Champ Carter McCullough, who bought it in 1870. The McCullough family and descendants lived in the home until 1971. Inside, visitors will see original items on display that once belonged to the Caldwell and McCullough families. There are also watercolor paintings by English artist Charles H. Cox on display. The home, which is one of the last Greek Revival homes in the city, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • The McCulloch House was first built in 1866 and then enlarged in the early 1870s by its namesake, Champ Carter McCulloch.
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Photo: Historic Waco Foundation