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The University of Mississippi Museum is located in Oxford, Mississippi. The museum is operated by the University of Mississippi and is located on its campus. With many rotating collections and exhibits that feature art, artifacts, historic scientific instruments, and more, the museum caters to a wide audience of both locals and tourists. The museum complex also contains Rowan Oak, the historic home of author William Faulkner. The home is open to the public for tours. In addition to Rowan Oak, the museum owns and operates the Walton-Young Historic House.

  • The University of Mississippi Museum
  • One of the artwork displays within the museum from artist Theora Hamblett
  • One of the current museum exhibitions, The Art of Identification by David Allen Sibley
The University of Mississippi Museum is part of the the campus of the University of Mississippi. The museum is dedicated to displaying items of regional history and culture while incorporating artifacts from other locations and cultures. With displays featuring art, artifacts, historic tools and instruments, and more, the museum appeals to a wide variety of visitors.

The museum itself began as the Mary Buie Museum, which grew from the Oxford Art Center. The Oxford Art Center was a community art center that opened in 1939. It eventually evolved into the Mary Buie Museum when artist Mary Skipwith Buie left her estate to the City of Oxford. The museum also contained the collection of Kate Skipwith, Mary's sister. Alongside Mary's art, the museum contained artifacts and Revolutionary War correspondence. The museum was operated by the city of Oxford until 1974, when the University of Mississippi took over.

In addition to the museum's displays, it also features tours of two historic homes. Located on the museum complex, Rowan Oak is one of Oxford's most well-known historic houses. The house was once the residence of author William Faulkner, a renowned American novelist. After being renovated in 2001, the house was reopened to the public and remains open today for tours. The museum also owns the Walton-Young Historic House, once the home of Stark Young. It is also open for tours.
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