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The Museum of Street Culture's mission is to serve as a catalyst for social change through historic preservation and showcasing art depicting the lives of everyday people. It presents art exhibitions inside and outside of the building and also offers various educational and public programs. The artwork is created by both Stewpot clients and professional artists. The museum's collection includes photographs, drawings, paintings, sculpture, historical artifacts, audio recordings, films, videos, ephemera, and interactive media. The museum also highlights the city's music and film history (the building was built in 1929 by Warner Bros. to store films, and in the late 1930 blues legend Robert Johnson held a recording session here). Local photographer, author, and filmmaker Alan Governar, established the museum in 2017.

  • The Museum of Street Culture was founded in 2017 and is part of a development project called Encore Park.
The museum is located in downtown Dallas and is part of a community development project called Encore Park, which was created by the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas and its homeless shelter called The Stewpot. 
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Photo: Museum of Street Culture