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The plot contains the graves for Andrew Jackson Chesnutt, his second wife Mary Ochiltree, their children, and other extended family members: all relatives of author Charles Chesnutt. Parking is available along Ann Street or Lamon Street. The burial plot is in the section of the cemetery known as Brookside, which was built for African American burials following the Civil War.

The stone is located as shown by the marker on the map.

The stone is located as shown by the marker on the map.

Charles Chesnutt is buried in Cleveland, Ohio, where he lived most of his adult life.

Though he left Fayetteville in search of a place where racial caste would not limit him he often returned to the town. Chesnutt would rename the city "Patesville" in his fiction, and many of the landmarks of the city appear just as they are in real life.

Website Find A Grave has an entry for Andrew Jackson Chesnutt and his adjacent relatives:

Anne Chesnutt Waddell, daughter of Andrew Jackson Chesnutt and Mary Ochiltree, is also buried in this plot. "Mrs. Waddell taught school in Cumberland County, later becoming a county school supervisor, in which she served 22 years until her retirement in 1936. As supervisor, she helped promote elementary education from 1916 to 1936, when she resigned to accept a teaching position in this county. Previously, she had served as teacher in Fayetteville and Wilson."

The memorials are in the Brookside section of Cross Creek Cemetery which was traditionally designated as the space for African American burials.

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