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Sampson Sanders sister, Hetty married Thomas Kilgore. Hetty's children were heirs to Sampson Sanders fortune. Although Hetty received some items from her mother's will, no slaves were received nor manumitted by Kilgore.

Hetty and Sampson Sanders were children of William and Martha Sanders who settled in Cabell County by 1802.

Sampson and his mother acquired vast acres while sister Hetty married Thomas Kilgore who later became county sheriff.

Although Sampson manumitted all his slaves, non were freed by Hetty and husband Thomas Kilgore. This cemetery is

located behind the old Morris Memorial Home which in turn was the Thomas Kilgore farm. Much overgrown, the site probably

contains slave burials and well as members of the Kilgore family. Hetty married at age 20 and died in 1852. She had six children

and 40 grandchildren, all of whom inherited many thousands of acres from Sampson Sandres.

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