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The Verandah Hotel operated from 1842 to 1894. The Broadway United Methodist Church has been in its place since the end of the nineteenth century. It was in integral part of the downtown Maryville area.

Built in 1842 by William McTeer as the "College Inn." The hotel had 14 rooms and was located on lots 52 and 53. Montgomery McTeer later added verandas on both stories, prompting the name change. After being sold to Alexander Kennedy in 1855, it became a rendezvous spot for generals during the Civil War. Generals from both the Union and the Confederacy occupied the hotel depending on who controlled the area at the time. It also served as a stage stop for traveling guests. The hotel was then sold to Roderick McKenzie in 1860 and had several more owners until it was torn down in 1894 for the Broadway United Methodist Church.