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The tombstone for J. B. Scott lies in eastern Cabell County, WV on the north side of Union Ridge Road just west of the junction with Bryan Creek Road . Although Union Ridge Cemetery is less than a mile to the west, D. B. Scott was buried alone and perhaps forgotten. There are various stories about this isolated grave?

The stone reads: J. B. Scott - died July 28, 1858 - in the 40th year of his life. When you see this lonely tombstone, your first reaction is "why is he here, I just pasted a graveyard? Located on Union Ridge at the head of Bryan Creek there is nothing near the stone and never has been. So why is it here? There are several stories.

Joseph B. Scott was one of the overseers for the Jenkins Plantation at Greenbottom on the Ohio River in Cabell County, VA. According to the 1850 census he was born in New York state

Local stories claim he was not a popular man, either on the plantation nor in the local community. Supposedly, "he was messing with the women". On July 1858, Scott was riding in a carriage returning to Greenbottom. His trip had been to attend the slave market in Barboursville. (about 25 miles one way) and there was a Black woman in the carriage. He was stopped at this lonely spot, murdered, buried and almost forgotten.

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