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Springbrook gym is located in the Springbrook Park area of Alcoa. It features a gymnasium, pool tables, and meeting rooms. It is often used by the community for basketball games or parties. The Springbrook school was located on the concrete slab that now holds the Springbrook pavilion and outside basketball courts. These items can also be rented out for party events.

Springbrook School is pictured above in the 1940s, 1951, and 2019. The school, as well as the Springbrook community and its park, are named for the brook that flows through the park and former school grounds. The picture above was taken from Alcoa Road. In the 1940s, "Teen Town" activities were conducted in the gymnasium, including dances, games, cakewalks, and music. The school was destroyed by fire in 1968 just before the new school year began, but the gymnasium was saved and continues to be used as part of the Blount County Parks and Recreation Commission system. After the fire, elementary classes had to be quickly relocated to the gymnasium and the 1939 Alcoa High School building.

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