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The west plant of Alcoa was built in 1919. The area spanned 142 acres and was essential in the development of aluminum. This plant helped lead the town during a booming economy and provide a secure means of income for the people in, and around Alcoa, during the beginnings of the city.

The city of Alcoa was founded as a town dependent on the aluminum company. The West Plant was developed after the initial plant. Previously, the Great Depression lead the town to a slump and the people were heavily affected by the current economic state. With the New Deal Program, developed by President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, the city slowly continued to build. However, with the coming of World War II, the city truly boomed as aluminum was necessary to supply the military's vast equipment. Due to the increased demand for aluminum, ALCOA began to meet this demand with new plants, and thus the West Plant came into existence.

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