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The Forepaugh Restaurant was located in a victorian mansion that was built in 1870. It has been a host of many high class people throughout its years of business. Joesph Fourepaugh started the story of the Restaurant by buying the mansion after becoming a very wealthy dry good salesman. Mr. Fourepaugh was 36 at the time and bought this Victorian home for $10,000.

  • Outside of Forepaugh's Restaurant
  • one of the dining areas in Forepaugh's Restaurant
  • Forepaugh's Restaurant

Forepaugh was so successful he was able to retire only 10 years after having started his business of dry good sales. After retiring he was able to travel with his wife Mary and five children. He auctioned off the house in 1886 and sold it and all of the furniture after the passing of the servent, "Molly" who he had an affair with during the pregnancy of his wife Mary. Molly is told to have hung herself in the home. Joesph caught word of Molly taking her own life that he quickly sold the house and is told to have left the house and took his own life, as well.

A private company bought the home and was able to make it the Forepaugh's Restaurant in 1976. The Restaurant stands in the historic district of St. Paul and looks the same as it did when it was a residence of The Forepaughs. It was still decorated with 19th century pieces throughout the mansion. In 2007, Bruce Taher was able to update some of the mansion after buying it, but still kept its history alive. Its service, waitresses, and staff was normally dressed in 19th century clothing to be able to bring the past to present.

The Forepaugh Restaurant is known to be one of the most haunted houses in Minnesota. The scandalous affair still is to be told to live on today in the Restaurant. Molly and Joesph have been seen in film to this day. The Mansion held a halloween tour and ghost tours at one time called "Dining with the Ghosts". The Forepaughs Restaurant is permanently closed as of today due to loss of revenue and a sudden death of the chef. It was told that building the revenue back up would be difficult in its self but also finding a chef as well loved as the one that had passed.