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Sandy Brae was an eighteen-hole golf course built-in 1964. This golf course was owned by Kanawha County Parks and Rec. commission up until the land was sold for agricultural purposes in 2015. The course featured a series of par 3-5 holes and was open to the public. This course was designed by Ed Ault for a mid-level to advanced golfer.

  • Edmund Ault
  • Sandy Brae

Edmund Ault was born in 1908 in Washington D.C. and graduated from Columbia Technical Institution. He worked as an engineer for a local power company while developing his skills as a scratch golfer. After winning his clubs championship on multiple occasions he qualified to play in the U.S. amateur tournament. Due to Ault's love for the game and his general background as an engineer, he was approached with the opportunity to improve courses that need a face lift. This is where Ault's career as a golf course architect began, after twenty years at the power company he retired to become a golf consultant.

The course featured a putting green, diner, and club rental as amenities. The par for this course was 71, and it was complete with four sets of tees, allowing for an enjoyable experience for all levels of golfers. The lodge was home to many events throughout the life of the golf course, including weddings, parties, and meetings. It was a common place for local businessmen to gather and enjoy a day of relaxation, casually discussing new ideas for the advancement of their respective fields.

Sandy Brae was a 132 acre course surrounded by lush woodland. The total property was 252 acres, nested into the hillside. Sandy Brae was home to many tournaments throughout its existence. It provided a competitive place for players from all over West Virginia to challenge their skills. It also allowed locals to enjoy some time away from stress and the day to day routine.

The course was sold in 2015 to a farmer who planned to use the land for a cattle farm. The remaining land that was not used for the farm was auctioned off the public in the years following. Sandy Brae was auctioned off due the the falling number of golfers and a decrease in revenue. Making it hard for the Parks and Rec. commission to keep up with the cost of maintenance.

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