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The Buckner Hill House is known as one of the largest plantation homes in North Carolina, being built in 1855. The house is surrounded by hundreds of acres of cotton, tobacco, cattle, and corn. The plantation house was originally owned by Dr. Buckner Lanier Hill, who was a successful physician and landowner.

Buckner Hill Plantation

Buckner Hill Plantation

The Buckner Hill Plantation is a two story Italianate style home, built by skilled African American workers in 1855. The house sits on high brick piers and includes wooden and plaster ornamentation with porches on each level. The Buckner Hill house also includes a very large kitchen, storehouse, and smokehouse. The house features a very unique setup, with two wide passages that cross at the center; separating all four rooms. The structure of the house is constructed of old heart pine from virgin forests from the new world. The house was also used for the filming of Rebecca Wells' national bestseller "Divine Secrets of the Ya- Ya Sisterhood", released in 2002.

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