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La Tia Delia’s is a landmark restaurant of “Little Lima” on Market Street in Paterson, New Jersey. It has been a staple of the Peruvian community since initial migrations in the 1960’s. Throughout the decades the restaurant has been a gathering place for Peruvian immigrants to find community and solidarity in New Jersey. Known for its authenticity, the traditional Peruvian cuisine keeps the restaurant busy and always full. A hub for culture, La Tia Delia’s maintain the Peruvian lifestyle through the decorum, music, and lively atmosphere.

La Tia Delia’s Restaurant has been a staple of Market Street in Paterson long before the strip was designated Peru Square. The restaurant has been a prominent gathering place for Peruvian immigrants for decades. Since the waves of Peruvian immigration to New Jersey began in the 1960’s, a multitude of family owned shops, markets, and restaurants began to open up throughout the city. With roughly 75,870 people of Peruvian descent in New Jersey alone, the vicinity of Paterson serves as a cultural hub for Peruvian-American culture to flourish and prosper. The Peruvian community of Paterson is dispersed throughout the city and consists of several generations of families, all of which in someway interconnect through family, friendship, and/or their passion for food. Arguably, La Tia Delia’s provides the most authentic Peruvian food available in New Jersey, which is what initially led to the restaurant to become a principal Peruvian food destination in the city. More than a restaurant, it has become a gathering place for the community it helped establish. It has stood the test of time as generations were born literally and metaphorically into this new world, and continues to provide the tastes of a culture and life many left behind in pursuit of their American dreams.

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